Happy Hour for the Art Community

Creatives & artists are gathering to network and share their challenges, ideas and experiences in a happy hour series organized by Artz ID. It is an opportunity for the people behind the arts industry to be heard within a safe environment.

The pandemic has had its toll on the art community, with the majority of artists feeling the disconnection from their audiences as their galleries remain closed and have been over the last couple of months prohibited from running physical events and exhibitions. Many artists have found comfort in being members of Artz ID’s connected community of artists, art professionals, leaders and institutions within the visual arts space. They have built an accessible platform for their art community to engage with each other, making it easier to reach and explore the art community as well as to showcase their work.

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Artz ID believe in the power of creative people coming together and sharing their successes, strategies, and challenges. Their latest initiative, Happy Hour, aims to do just that through a series of informal meet-ups for creatives and art world professionals to share their work, ask for help from the hive, and get friendly feedback. It’s inspired by connections made at the Salzburg Forum for Cultural Innovators, and is sponsored in part by the Salzburg Global Forum. All three sessions are free to join and will be hosted by a 2019 Young Cultural Innovators Fellow with the Salzburg Global Seminar, Carl Atiya Swanson, who is also a national leader in artist resources and artist-led community development. They will all start at 18:30 hrs and be made available on zoom.

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Bridging Out

29th April 2021

Are you looking to get out of your comfort zone but don’t know how? Would you like to start exploring the next steps in your career? This first conversation starter is about bridging out, where all participants will be invited to share their own challenges and experiences, which in turn will help to get a clearer understanding towards your directions.

Sustainable Me

13th May 2021

Do you ever find yourself stuck keeping your creative practice or professional development sustainable? Have you ever thought of taking the arts full time? During this conversation, all attendees will share their stories on how they tackle sustainability and how it affects their growth.

Creative Exchange

29th May 2021

What is your standing point when it comes to sharing knowledge? This session will start off by sharing different perspectives of our creative practice and professional experience. It will then be asking specific questions to build a conversation around how to communicate your creative practice and how others can help you through your story.

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