13 Best Venues to watch EURO 2020 in Malta

Here's our top picks from across the Island to watch this summers tournament, wherever you're going to be, don't miss a kick and you could find a great new place to enjoy whilst you're at it...

Open Waters, St Georges Bay

Open Waters Beer Garden

Located just opposite St Georges Bay, Open Waters, promises to deliver an unparalleled football party atmosphere. Accommodating over 300 people, the beach garden attracts spectators from many of the representing countries, so you will get to experience real cheer or disappointment.

With 3 huge screens, viewing is never an issue at Open Waters. The best seats in the house are definitely the comfortable wooden benches which are perfect for groups of 6. There is also a restaurant as part of the establishment, so you can grab some food while watching the match.

Due to the popularity and comfort of the venue, Open Waters are now accepting bookings for every game directly from Chitzo! Check them and get booking here.

Ivy House, Pembroke

Ivy House Beer Garden

This impressive gastronomic and cultural center is going to be turned into a mini Euro Village. The beer gardens will be decorated with the flags of all the participating countries, a huge outdoor big screen, turf and several comfortable garden benches perfect for groups. Besides their beer gardens, they will also be showing games on two 82-inch screens in front of the main hall, with one more on the terrace. Throughout the competition, there is a special offer on Heineken and Moretti bottles, where you will get 6 and pay for just 5.

Ivy House will immerse themselves in the culture of some of the playing countries to get you closer to home. When Spain will be playing, you can eat tortillas and sip on Spanish cider. During Italian games, you could enjoy an Apertivo, and when France is on, there will be wine and cheese. Besides this, every evening there will be an outdoor BBQ for everyone to enjoy.

And if you or someone from your family or friends is not interested in the matches, they will be able to indulge in live music on the terrace or dine in their main hall. There is also a decent sized kids playground to safely allow children to roam around.

Project 1914, Sliema

Project 1914 Garden

The newly opened Project 1914 is quickly finding its feet and is one of the top spots to visit this summer. Located in the heart of Sliema, the owners have converted the old Stella Maris Band Club into a chic tapas bar and Asian Fusion restaurant, with a relaxing beer garden at the back, where they shall be showing all the Euro matches. They have set up a massive outdoor screen with cozy benches, perfect for groups of friends. We recommend visiting for one of the evening matches, as the gardens lights up under the fairly lights.

Keeping with the spirit of the old band club, they have unbeatable prices on beer with local beers priced at €1.50 and foreign beers at just €2. And if you are into snooker, you will find a couple of regulars pocketing a few snooker balls too. Now that is true Maltese culture.

Zion, Marsascala

Zion Raggae Bar

Zion may not be best known for their football, but this summer the reggae bar shall be welcoming football fans for the Euros. They shall be showing all the popular games on big screen in their lovely chillout garden, and they will also have 5 more television sets on their front porch opposite the sea for a more intimate experience. All big games will be shown live with sound, while the smaller matches will be shown with background reggae music.

They have recently updated their Boca menu, offering a variety of dishes that are ideal for sharing with your family and friends during the competition.

Zion are not accepting any bookings and has a strict first come first serve policy. Due to the bar’s popularity, we strongly recommend going there early and grabbing a pint or two before the match kicks off.

Skyparks Business Centre, Luqa

MIA showing the Euro matches at Skyparks Business Centre

The Malta International Airport aren’t just welcoming tourists this summer, they are also inviting football fans to their Skyparks Business Centre dining area. They have setup 2 big screens on their terrace so guests will be able to enjoy a proper dining experience while watching the Euros. You can choose to dine from the likes of Wagamama, Vecchia Napoli, Talbot & Bons, or Zen sushi. All restaurats have exclusive offers during matches too:

  • Buy 5 Italian craft beers and get one on the house from Talbot & Sons
  • Get 50% off each pint of Moretti beer at Vecchia Napoli
  • Free starter or free drink when purchasing a main meal at Wagamama
  • Get 10% off on any order above €20 when dining-in at Zen Sushi

...and if you spend €20 or more you will be able to predict who will win the competition and stand a chance of winning €300 in shopping vouchers, and €200 in flight vouchers.

We recommend going to the terrace during sunset, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And if you are flying out this summer, you may opt to come a little before the flight, to dine and watch the big game.

Uncle Matt’s Kitchen, Msida

Uncle Matts Kitchen Carlsberg Bucket

Uncle Matt’s Kitchen are in a footballing mood this summer and are eager to entertain their guests with a great atmosphere during the Euros. They have set up their porch with tables conveniently placed opposite a massive screen display on the street. It's equipped with a great sound system, the area is well-lit with wind-screen protections, making it perfect for evening matches. Moreover, they have decorated the façade with flags of the participating countries too. And if you don’t find a place outside or if you fancy a more intimate dining experience, they have several 52-inch HD TVs in their old townhouse too.

They have great offers on food and drinks throughout the tournament including their Carlsberg Bucket which includes 6 bottlesfor just €7.50. They also have some Carlsberg merch to hand out too.

Centrally located, this could be a comfortable venue to watch the big matches.

Step Down Bar, Sliema

Step Down Bar showing the Euro 2020 matches

If you are looking for a warm, friendly and cozy place to watch the Euros, Step Down Bar should be top of your list. Located just behind Balluta Bay, the friendly British owners will treat you like you are watching the game in your own living room. Expect cold beers, free appetizers, delicious home cooked food and maybe even a hug if your team is on the losing end. They have some of the most competitive prices in Sliema too. You can get a Skol or Bavaria for just €2 and vodka shots go for a measly €1 all night. And if you were wondering about space, they have two floors with 3 decent sized televisions.

On Sunday 13th, before England start their campaign against Croatia at 3pm, the bar will be open from midday serving their scrumptious hot roast beef sandwiches together with their famous roasted potatoes. For Germany’s opening match against France on the 15th, the bar shall be serving currywurst and fries.

If you haven’t tried Step Down, this is your chance to make some real football friends!

Salumeria Gardens, Spinola

Salumeria Gardens

This place is absolutely awesome. Since opening, they have brought life to the Spinola Gardens, offering chill vibes, mouth-watering pizza, a crazy selection of beers and now even the European Championships.

The gardens can host up to 120 people, and is ideal for groups of friends looking to relax and watch the game. The have two 70-inch and 1 55-inch television screens, with their big projector coming out for the evening matches. We highly recommend booking in advance as the gardens are a popular destination among both locals and tourists.

Their motto is good vibes only so be prepared to embrace it throughout the evening.

The Corner Pocket, Bugibba

The Corner Pocket

The Corner Pocket truly comes alive during international tournaments, especially when England are playing. Famously known as the England headquarters during the last world cup, the Corner Pocket will still bring the passion, music and entertainment before and during matches, albeit in a slightly different way due to covid regulations.

The bar has 8 televisions and 1 big screen. They are expected to attract many locals and tourists for this year’s competition despite the regulations. They have a decent size space to comfortably accommodate several groups of 6.

No matter what, if England are making the final, the atmosphere at Corner Pocket is sure to be a surreal one with chants of its coming home echoing throughout the bar. But then again, England hardly ever make the finals, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Surfside, Sliema

Surfside Sports Bar and Grill

Surfside is synonymous with sports, and they have just turned up the heat this summer with a brand-new designer sports bar which is ready to take the Euros by storm. They have a great kitchen with a vast selection of food which is great to accompany you and you mates while watching the games. The venue organizes several events downstairs during the summer which you can choose to join after the matches.

We recommend heading over to Fond Ghadir bay and bathe in the natural baths, try Surfside’s delicious pizza for lunch and stay on to watch the football with a beer or two.

Waterfront Hotel, Gzira

Waterfront Hotel Terrace View

Overlooking Sliema and offering stunning views of the Valletta skyline and Manoel Island, the Waterfront’s gorgeous terrace on the 10th floor is an ideal place to relax and watch your favorite team on big screen battling it out for European glory. The terrace accommodates up to a maximum of 40 people, and people will be separated in tables of up to 6 persons. During the match, you can also enjoy a delicious meal with good prices on drinks. At the moment, the hotel is accepting booking by calling 20906899

We recommend going for the late afternoon or evening matches so that the summer breeze can keep you nice and cool.

The Crafty Cat, St Julians

Wings Wednesdays at Crafty Cat

The Crafty Cat is one of our favorite new pubs. The Irish Pub has a vast collection of craft beer on draught and arguably the best tasting Guiness on the island. They are also football mad. It’s too bad Ireland are not participating in this edition of the Euros, as things could have got messy.

The pub itself is not huge, but it’s a great place to lounge and drink beer with friends after a tough day’s work. They have 3 screens so you surely won't miss any of the action. And if you get hungry, they also have a great selection of pub food, like their glorious burgers. We recommend going on Wednesday as hey have a great offer on their tasty wings.

P.S. If you are wearing a jersey of the teams playing on the night, you will get a free shot.

Universal Sport Westend, Xewkija (Gozo)

Universal Sports End Bar - Euro 2020

If you happen to be in Gozo when your favorite team are playing, worry not and head over to the oldest sports bar in Gozo. The owners of the Universal Sports Westend bar and restaurant, came all the way from Australia to pioneer the sport bar culture in Malta and Gozo. The complex consists of a restaurant, bar and terrace with a staggering 16 screens showing the same game.

Their terrace is overlooking the Gozo football stadium in Xewkija so it may get a little chilly in the evenings. They also prepare a nice BBQ for all the big games, so we do recommend coming there hungry.

Just enjoy the Euro's

Whatever happens, wherever you watch the games, the main thing is you enjoy them. Forget about the woes and sorrows of the past year and get back to celebrating the beautiful game...

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