Lady Kitt Pop-Up Experience

Vintage fashion is in! There are many reasons for it, but one thing is for sure, Vintage fashion here and it's here to stay! The Lady Kitt pop up event was funky, retro and with carefully handpicked items from all over the world, definitely one for the vintage era fashion lovers.

The old townhouse in the heart of Sliema was a fitting venue and from the moment I stepped in, I was absorbed by 70’s culture. From groovy hits from the likes of Blondie and the Jackson 5 on the turntables; to vibrant and colorful clothes and accessories, to the nostalgic posters covering the walls - the atmosphere left me wondering what was missing. Oh yeah, that’s right... to meet the wonderful woman behind all this unique experience - Rowena Farrugia a.k.a. Lady Kitt.

Lady Kitt 2

The pop up had something for everyone's tastes. In fact, I couldn’t help but browse through, almost forgetting that I didn’t attend just to shop! I managed to steal Rowena away for a couple of minutes as she was fixing up some clothes. We talked at length and during our conversation she shed light on her inspirations behind the pop-up store event. She recounted,

“I’ve been into fashion since I was a very little girl. I was obsessed with watching shows set in the 70’s, so there was always that correlation between love for fashion and vintage fashion.”

Her personality shines through her outfits - the vintage look she loves so much can be seen worn by herself.

“I probably got it from my mum as well, because she was also into clothes and would drag me around too”.

She picks her stock carefully, at times traveling to several destinations just to pick the right clothes. A lack of travel opportunities in recent months has not stopped her from updating her collection for these pop ups. She now has her stock shipped to her after closely inspecting them with their previous owners.

Rowena’s secret weapon is her ability to think outside of the box in critical moments, as well as her strength at finding strategic collaborative partnerships. Her passion and obsession to ensure that her pop-up events are true to their word means that a day off in her life is rare,

“I absolutely love organizing these pop ups. They’re usually events, like a shopping experience where we interact with people, play music and usually have a little gathering after. It was a little different this time around, but I hope everyone who visited enjoyed the collection.”

Rowena had one final supportive message on the hot topic of reusing clothes:

“I cannot recommend it enough, there are so many advantages to reusing and recycling clothes which have a narrative to it. Then of course there’s the fact that its sustainable and that is so important”

Lady Kitt 3

Going to one of these pop ups for the first time was an extraordinary experience. I felt as though I was thrown back to the 70’s, and I kind of did not want to get out. I obviously did not leave empty handed as I treated myself with some new outfits and a new found energy for appreciating vintage clothing.

Lady Kitt 4

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