A Ritual of Smoke & Mirrors: A Contemporary Masterpiece

Fresh out of the blocks, Chewing Productions is ready for lift off in the local theatre scene. Come and experience this gripping and unique production about authenticity, friendships, and feuds in the twenty-first century.

The wait is finally over. After months of hard work, preparation and rehearsals, Chewing Productions is set to debut on the local theatre stage this weekend at the impressive Kwinti Studios in Pieta.

Comprising of 6 local theatre makers, they are extremely excited to bring to the audience, 'A Ritual of Smoke & Mirrors', an immersive and thought-provoking production, which is sure to keep the audience entertained and on the edge of their seat.

This is what Chewing Production had to say about the performance throughout its build up:

Combining music, monologues, and multimedia mayhem, 'A Ritual of Smoke & Mirrors’ pits its characters against each other in a bid for The Audience’s attention as it tackles contemporary realities of identity, hypocrisy, and connection.

Meet the Cast

  • Mark Ciantar as Pen
  • Kristina Catania as Toy
  • Gianluca Mifsud as Sneakers
  • Zofia Stelmaszczyk as Texture
  • Alex Weenink as Sunglasses
  • Adam Ryan as Trend


The play's characters are expertly crafted, each with a name that reflects their unique role in the story. Pen is an unfinished sketch looking for recognition, while Toy is a lost and childish figure striving for respectability. Sneakers is a determined but exhausted character who keeps pushing forward, while Texture is a problem-solver who offers a sense of security. Sunglasses are worn by a character who is blinded by light and seeking refuge in the shadows, and Trend embodies eternal spin and flamboyance. But how do these six destinies intertwine and what problems will they solve together? Will their true selves emerge throughout the story? Come to the show to find out for yourself!

Tickets and details

The Chewing Productions team have received an awesome response to their debut production - and we would know as are selling tickets through Chitzo.

The play is running on three separate dates:

Clicking on the dates above will direct you to their respective ticket links. Tickets are selling for just €15 and trust us it will be money well spent. Don't leave it too late though as there only a few remaining seats remaining...

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