6 Beach Spots To Visit This Summer

It's finally summer! Here are 6 beach spots in Malta we recommend ticking off the bucket list this summer. Whether you are looking for some quiet time by the sea, or a charming place to entertain your friends, this list caters for all your needs.

The Maltese Islands may be a speck in the Mediterranean, but it certainly packs a punch for beach bums and sea lovers across the world. The islands come alive during the summer season with long hot summer days, where locals and travellers alike spend most of their days by the sea at sandy beaches, rocky shores, or natural bays. Since you are never too far from the sea, it is relatively effortless to find a spot to relax and take a dip into the blue and ravishingly beautiful sea.

With the early summer vibes already kicking in and many already planning their beach days, we thought we would give a few of our favourite beach locations in Malta a special mention.

6. Wied iż-Żurrieq

Wied iz-Zurrieq

In the summer months, Wied iż-Żurrieq is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. As you make your way down the steep hill towards the inlet, you will notice several quirky restaurants, a historic watchtower, a spectacular view of Filfla out at sea, and fishermen preparing their boats for the Blue Grotto tours.

What we love most about Wied iz-Żurrieq is that you can plan the trip the way you want it. You could enjoy typical Maltese food at one of the restaurants, tour around the stunning Blue Grotto and its caves, or simply find an area to yourself to relax and admire the insane views of Filfla. If you do decide to the Blue Grotto, we recommend going in the morning when the sun is shining into the grotto and illuminates gorgeous colours. You could also choose to view the Blue Grotto before the hill and take a few selfies.

It is also worth checking out the nearby secluded Għar Lapsi which is only a 5-minute drive away from Wied iz-Żurrieq. It offers an incredible natural swimming pool and is also very popular with divers.

5. Imġiebaħ Bay

Imgiebah Bay

Tucked away in the North East coast of Malta, Imġiebaħ Bay, is an isolated cove which gives the feeling that you are on a deserted island. The beach itself is small and peaceful, making it a desirable destination for some quiet reading time, unlike busier beaches in the area.

There are two ways to reach the beach. You may drive through a long, narrow winding rocky road opposite Selmun Palace, which leads to an improvised carpark above the beach. Or if you are feeling adventurous, you could trek it down, starting from beyond Selmun Palace. Throughout the journey, you will get to see the remaining's of the formidable British fortification, Fort Campbell; experience gorgeous panoramic views of the bay; bewilder at the curious shapes of the rocks surrounding the bay; and come across typical Maltese flora and fauna.

We recommend going there as early as possible and you may be lucky enough to have the whole beach to yourself!

4. Majjistral Park

Majjistral Park

If you haven’t explored Majjistral Nature and History Park, you are truly missing out on some of Malta’s most distinctive scenery and spectacular coastline views. Although more popular during the cooler months between October and April, we found a cute a little spot to dip your toes in the water during the summer months. The area is filled with big and smaller rocks, so you will have to be careful as to where you place your feet, but it is great to just immerse your body in the water and float.

With Golden Bay on one side of Majjistral and Anchor Bay on the other, not many decide to take this adventure into Majjistral Park. With that being said, you will probably enjoy the area with little to no disturbances from other visitors. And isn’t that what we are all after?

3. Kalanka Bay

Kalanka Bay

While St Peters Pool gained international attention for Titti’s (the dog) synchronized dive into the naturally formed pool, just a few hundred meters down the road, lies the hidden Kalanka Bay. Located more or less at the tip of Delimara in Marsaxlokk, Kalanka Bay is a more serene choice if you would like to cut off from the busier swimming spots in the South of Malta.

With crystal clear water, a natural swimming pool and awesome smooth curved limestone formations, Kalanka is definitely worth the journey. There is also a convenient parking lot just above the bay, which is pretty cool if you are not in the walking mood. Be sure to grab a packed lunch with you as there aren’t any amenities nearby.

2. Wied il-Għasri

Wied l-Ghasri

If you are travelling to Gozo this summer, Wied il-Għasri should definitely be included on your itinerary. Packed between Gozo’s northern Cliffs, Wied il-Għasri, is well worth the journey just for the mind-blowing view of the valley from the top of the cliff. Surrounded by natural beauty all around, the site is explorable, and swimming in the valleys crystal clear water is something to be admired. At the head of the valley there is a tiny pebbled beach, which is great to leave your belongings, but it isn’t the most comfortable to sunbathe.

We recommend going as early as possible as it can get crowded quite quickly, especially as it is also a popular site for divers and snorkelers. Wied il-Għasri is not the kind of place that you will spend all day at, so we suggest incorporating this trip with other great spots to swim in Gozo like Mġarr ix-Xini, Xlendi or Marsalforn. And just like that you will have your own beach hop.

1. Għajn Tuffieha

Ghajn Tuffieha

There was no doubt in our minds as to which beach occupied our top spot. Characterized by its golden sand and clear blue sea, Għajn Tuffieha is a wonderful escape. Often overlooked to the more popular Golden Bay, due to the considerable flight of steps to reach the beach (200 in total - I know right), it’s the perfect place to soak up the sun and work on your tan, while enjoying staggering views of the Għajn Tuffieha coastal tower overlooking the bay, together with the pristine high cliffs either side of the bay.

The bay has become notorious with the surfing community. The Malta Surf School occupy part of the beach and under the right wind conditions (Valerio will gladly explain this), you may also book your first surfing lesson with surf coach Valerio or if you are experienced enough, you may just rent a board and ride the waves. On calmer days, they also organize SUP tours. On the tour, Kate will guide you to discover some hidden caves in the vicinity. We recommend staying for sunset at Għajn Tuffieha, watching the sun as it sets into the distant sea. If you come prepared, you may even decide to stay the evening on the beach or pop in to Singita who host several activities during the summer from acoustic sets to barbecue nights.

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