Our top picks for Malta this month

Tough decisions had to be made to choose a top 5 but check it out...

5. Play Padel with Padel Malta

Padel Malta

If you’re up for a blood pumping activity to take up throughout the month of November, Padel Malta opens daily for equipment rental. Padel is practically a mix between tennis and squash, the main difference being that scoring follows the same system as tennis, whilst however having no boundaries of the ball going out of the court, just like squash. It is a great activity to get competitive with friends and family whilst enjoying a great atmosphere! Padel Malta also has a restaurant with a variety of food and drinks to relax after a good match.

Find the availability for this along with booking details on this link

4. Surfside 50% off menu

Food at Surfside Malta

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Surfside is treating their customers to a 50% off on all the menu for dine in, Monday to Friday from 9:00 till 18:00. Great food at affordable prices along with an unbeatable view. Sidenote- This offer also extends for takeaway orders from Monday to Sunday 9:00 till 23:00. An offer not to be missed!


Follow this link for more details on how to book.

3. Three Palaces Festival by Festivals Malta


This year, Malta has the privilege to host the Three Place Festival. This performance will be a free visual streaming of multiple acts from musical performances, to fashion shows, and will be in collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the Office of the President of Malta. Viewers will have the privilege of experiencing a fascinating artistic exploration from the 6th November till the 15th November, from 20:30-21:00, and will be streamed live.

For more information on the different events happening within the festival, follow this link

2. Sunset Rock Climbing by MC Adventure

Rock Climbing

If you are the adventurous type, this event is perfect to satisfy your adrenaline rush! MC adventures are organising a rock climbing session in the beautiful Wied Babu valley during sunset. Their professional guides will provide necessary equipment and instructions to get the most out of this exciting experience. Don’t miss this opportunity this Saturday 7th November from 13:30-17:30.

Follow this link below for more information and booking.

1. From Rona with Love by Teatru Manoel

Teatru Manoel

Teatru Manoel is hosting a new theatre performance surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic. Written by Marta Vella and directed by Petra Sant, this hilarious comedy will surely get you off your seat.
The performance will be taking place between the 27th & 29th November from 20:00pm-21:00pm. Make sure to book your place through Chitzo, as seating is limited due to the current social distancing regulation.

Click here for more information and booking.

It's hard to pick from such a great selection of things to do but we hope you liked our top 5 here... Check out the site for more great ideas (just click the logo at the top), agree / disagree, let us know on social media...

Thanks to Jeanelle and Amy from the Chitzo team for the great selection!