ZiguZajg Festival – An Online Adventure for the Whole Family

ZiguZajg has turned 10 this year! To commemorate a decade of promoting arts for children and young people, the ZiguZajg team have created 10 virtual spectacles for this year's festival. From storytelling with powerful underlying lessons, to interactive performances and animations and so much more, the Ziguzajg festival is sure to keep our kids entertained.

The festival, which is currently well underway, is produced by Fondazzjoni Kreattiva. Although it is typically held in Spazzju Kreattiv, it has moved onto an online platform this year, boasting a selection of 10 different events. The events listed below will be running daily at the price of €7 Euro per event till the 29th November. Simply book yourself in and find the screen times by clicking here.

Keep reading to find out more about the different activities being held this year!

Fab Fantasy Fables with Chucky

Chucky Image 1

Age: 8+

Get ready for Fab Fantasy Fables with your favourite Drag Queen Storyteller, Chucky! This five-episode bilingual extravaganza, encourages children to use their wild imaginations to tell their own stories. Take an adventurous listen to your most beloved classics and twist them upside down. Whether it’s an alternate ending to a well-known tale or a story from the baddie's perspective, Fab Fantasy Fables is a celebration of creativity and playfulness.

The Stage Door

Stage Door Image 1

Age: 8+

The Stage Door is an online mentorship programme for children in the art of cabaret. Kids will be encouraged to use their own ideas, as well as their own awareness and concerns about their lives and the world they live in, to create original, bold and satirical performances. The programme includes step-by-step tutorials in directing, scriptwriting, songwriting, dance choreography, costumes and props. By the end of the programme, participants will have all the necessary tools to create their own fun and original cabaret show from home.

Alice in Wonderless Land

Alice in Wonderless Land

Age: 14+

This DIY-Theatre package is for a more mature audience. It is a reflection upon the compartmentalization of women into boxes in society, just like creating a doll. This production is a unique and interactive one, as it will give the opportunity to students to receive a broken doll at their schools and organizations, with instructions to unravel it. In addition to this, there will also be a translation of twenty-one of Franca Rame’s texts to Maltese with Professor Simone Falea and Dr. Marco Gales.

INEŻ (Kienet Perfetta)

Kienet Perfetta

Age: 13+

Meet Inez, a fourteen-year-old fictional character. She was given the ultimate label by those around her, a nickname her peers dreamed of having; Perfect Inez. Ineż was popular, beautiful, sassy, rebellious, a saint, a social media queen, however tragedy strikes as she goes missing during the Covid pandemic. Everyone in her small community turns judge and jury. Everyone’s an expert on Ineż. And while she certainly wasn’t perfect, everyone wanted to be her, in some form or other. This story asks: What happens when a person might not live up to other people’s expectations?

The Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter image 1

Age: any

Screen Time: Everyday at 4:30pm

The Beast Hunter is a comedic documentary-style miniseries, starring TikTok extraordinaire and stand-up comedian, James Ryder. We follow Ryder as he bravely explores the Maltese Islands in search of all types of beasts from Maltese myths; from the Imp, to the Boogeyman, to the Gandlora Bear and many more.

What will he discover? Only time will tell! But with only a minute to hunt down a beast at a time, and with TikTok as his playground there’s no telling what sort of mischief he’s about to get up to.

Follow Fruit with Fig

Fruit with Fig

Age: 0-2 years

There’s a party that needs attending! But Fig doesn’t know who is attending, what is being celebrated or why...

Join Fig on a multisensory adventure as she meets an excitable chef, counts and sorts fruits, and gets messy playing with paints and flour! Filled with all things bright and tasty, Follow Fruit with Fig is an interactive performance that will transport you and your little ones to a world where food is at the heart of exploration and play. This brings together the visual & performing arts, whilst placing the building blocks of communication at its centre.

Ninni Ninni

Ninni Ninni

Age: 2-4 years

“Ninni la tibkix iżjed, ninni Ġesù Bambin”

We all know and love this timeless Christmas carol, but did you know that Ninni La Tibkix Iżjed is also a traditional Maltese lullaby? In fact, “ninni” is the Maltese word used by many parents to rock their babies and toddlers to sleep. Inspired by this, Ninni, ninni explores how lullabies from around the world cater for the meaning of the phrase through jazz and animation.

As his mother sings him into a slumber, Ninni the polar bear, dreams of going on a journey in search of a new home where they can rest. Along the way, Ninni discovers several lullabies from around the world. The audience will experience jazz renditions of these lullabies, while Ninni’s journey will be portrayed through the medium of animation. As an immersive audience, you will be guided to find or create objects in your own homes, and create sounds throughout each animation when prompted. In other words, you’ll be immersed into the interactive project as your very own foley artists.

So, make yourselves comfortable, and let yourselves embark onto Ninni’s venture.

Riley’s Manic Magic

Rileys Manic Magic

Age: 6-8 years

Presents, cake and dance-offs; that’s what birthdays are all about! Or at least, they're meant to be... But what happens when you’ve planned the perfect party for your big 1-0, including A DEBUT SURPRISE PERFORMANCE, and no one turns up?

Riley’s Manic Magic is an interactive story told through dance. Chock full of slick moves, sorcery and mayhem, it exists to inspire viewers to love themselves and always look at the world, sunny side up.

The Whim Reaper

The Whim Reapers

Age: 8+

The Whim Reapers is a magical wonder tale and spectacle presented by three beings from afar. The head of this trio, Wanita, brings her minions to Earth to perform a showcase of her otherworldly powers.

Aware of her impending death, Wanita must also find a way to prolong her life. However, the only way to seize and control immortality is by controlling her two only followers – Winston and Wilbert. Her actions might jeopardize the harmony between her two assistants and also break the bond which binds them. Is she willing to destroy a friendship to regain her strength?

Trouser Girl 

Trouser Girl image 1

Age: 8-12

Lukey's music homework is stolen by a pair of mysterious creatures from another world. His girlfriend Chris, aka superhero Raybeam, sets off on a pan-dimensional quest to get it back. As usual, she takes her best friend Danny, (aka Transformo), as her trusty sidekick. Not wanting to be left out, Lukey disguises himself as Trouser Girl and follows them on their crazy-cool adventure.

Watch our heroes' journey through the Realm of Ice and Darkness, the Kingdom of Dragons and the Palace of the Marquis of March. Journey’s end is Mount Olympus, where they find not only Lukey’s homework, but also their hearts’ desires.

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