Best Places for Live Gigs in Malta

These 5 places are cultivating a unique space for local and international artists to play their music. Have you tried any of these top venues for a live concert or gig?

The bar life is back to its former glory in Malta. We are happy to see that many venues are choosing to use their venues for little concerts and gigs. In turn this is helping to promote the local music scene and we are incredibly proud to be helping support these initiatives through our platform.

1. Storeroom, Ta Xbiex

Storeroom - best live gig venues in Malta

Storeroom is a live music venue and bar that is setting the standard when it comes to gigs in Malta. Located along the Ta' Xbiex Seafront, it’s the only live music venue which can be compared to those found in major European cities.

Music is the focus of the establishment. They have an eclectic concert programme that features top local artists. The design of the venue also reflects this. The stage is the focal point of the bar and can be viewed from practically every corner.

Storeroom is perfect for groups of friends who want to enjoy an evening out, discover fantastic artists and enjoy a few drinks. With a gorgeous view of the harbor, you can choose to hang outdoors or you can get right in the thick of the music indoors. Professional musicians also love playing here as it's an opportunity to share their work with an adequately sized and dedicated audience.

You can find their full schedule on Chitzo.

2. Hole in the Wall, Sliema

Hole in the Wall Mezzanine Stage

Established in 1922, the Hole in the Wall is the oldest bar in Sliema. It’s a cozy little café-bar based on DIY philosophy and an anti-commercial ethos. The bar attracts an alternative young crowd and has a great selection of craft beers. The staff are usually recruited from the ranks of indie-musicians and artists and always have a great story to tell.

The bar regularly invites musicians and artists, both local and international, to their unique mezzanine stage, for an intimate live performance. You can follow Hole in the Wall’s full gig schedule from Chitzo.

3. Il Gazin Vilhena Band Club, Floriana

Gazin Vilhena Band Club - Best Live Gigs in Malta

It’s not often that you see an old band club converted into a hip jazz and blues bar. Gazin is set as an alternative café for the local community in the mornings, serving ftiras and toasties together with the traditional ‘te fit tazza’. While in the evenings, it’s a hub for local bands to perform under the famous arches.

Il Gazin have cultivated a following of people who love to have a good time. So much so, that they have dedicated three specific nights to live music. Thursdays are Quartet Thursdays featuring Heathcliffe Balzan, Edward Ellul, Andrew Zammit and Erin Micallef and their sets are always awesome. Fridays are dedicated to pure jazz with 4 local jazz legends resident at Gazin, while on Saturday they have Wayne and his crew rocking the arches, playing all the best rock hits that we all love.

4. Ivy House, Pembroke

Ivy House - Best Live Gigs in Malta

Nestled within the limits of Pembroke, Ivy house is a great hangout spot to relax and unwind. They have a huge outdoor area surrounding the main hall, that includes a beer garden and cute well-lit terrace. The social club is a fully-fledged restaurant, so dining is also a possibility.

The place really comes alive when there is live music and entertainment. Ivy House have their own residency programme, and they also invite various artists and musicians to play at their venue, so you are not likely to get the same two nights very often at Ivy house.

You can stay up to date with all their gigs on Chitzo.

5. Die Kuh, St Julians

Die Kuh - Best Live Gigs in Malta

Most of us are all familiar with the Après Ski concept, drinking and socializing after a long and tiring day of skiing. It was never possible to experience that here in Malta due to our obvious lack of snow. But we do have beaches...

So, in true Maltese fashion, Die Kuh, have adopted the concept and changed it to an après beach spot for people to enjoy the night out after a whole day swimming. The venue’s décor has a rustic feel and resembles an après ski bar in the alps.

The bar’s owners are Germans. So besides German Bundesliga and a great selection of beer, they also focus on live music and entertainment. They are constantly inviting local artists to perform on their outdoor stage. The nights are always good fun with people dancing by their tables.

Here is the live gig schedule for Die Kuh on Chitzo.

More Awesome Places for Live Gigs

There are plenty of other venues which are helping to promote the local music scene in Malta and we would love to give them a special mention too.

- Balzunetta, Floriana

Balzunetta is a gastropub in the heart of Floriana. They are entertaining their audiences with powerful live performances from some of Malta's best talent. You can find Angie Vella Zarb, Strictly Commercial, Swing Nuages, Dixie Strings among other artists.

- Offbeat, Valletta

The offbeat music bar is on an incredible mission to cultivate a hib for music lovers through performances by both local and international artists. Located on the bustling merchant street in Valletta, they are known for their jazz and blues.

- Casey's Bar, Gzira

Casey's Bar are always up to something. They have a cosy and chilled spot so they regularly entertain guests with open mics and other great performances.

- Zion, Marsascala

Located on St Thomas Bay, Zion is a popular hangout spot. They have a huge outdoor space and they host many events from raggea nights to parties.