A match made in heaven for students visiting Malta

Malta, Students, ESN & Chitzo make the perfect blend to create memories that will last a lifetime! We are ecstatic to announce our new partnership with Erasmus Student Network (Malta) to help international students live the Chitzo life!

Here at Chitzo, we’re all about getting people together and connecting them with their next adventure. Malta may be a tiny speck on the map, but don’t be easily fooled. It surely packs a punch with things to do and our platform enables you to discover this for yourself! We give that little nudge when you’ve got time on your hands and no clue what to do with it. From doing yoga with scenic views and the most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen to escaping from a medieval castle full of puzzles, Chitzo has something for everybody.

We are an essential tool to create memories that’ll last a lifetime.


For years Malta has been a social hub and the ultimate destination for students. Whether it be for one of the many language schools, Erasmus, or others, one thing is for sure -crowds of students keep coming and enjoying Malta’s radiant sun, turquoise seas, and party culture! It also doesn’t hurt that most experiences are budget-friendly and don’t break the bank.

With that being said, Chitzo and ESN have now established a relationship that feels like a really natural collaboration with a common objective – to help students find and do more whilst here and become their home away from home. Chitzo welcomes these students with open arms with handfuls of thrill-seeking, culture-integrating activities leaving no stone unturned for the possible.

So what are you waiting for? Get browsing what ESN has going on and discover your next worthwhile venture!

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