The China Cultural Centre in Malta welcomes the Ox in an epic Chinese New Year celebration

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with special activities organized by the China Cultural Centre in Malta. From a fascinating film festival; to a physical and online exhibition, the China Cultural Center aim to bring new hope, enthusiasm and strength during the Happy Chinese New Year.

For those who are not familiar with Chinese astrology, the Chinese Zodiac is composed of a 12-year repeating cycle with each year represented by its own zodiac animal. 2021 is the Year of the Ox, meaning that people born this year are thought to be diligent, dependable and strong.

To illustrate the folklore, myths and cultural symbolism of zodiac culture, the China Cultural Centre in Malta, also known as the CCC, will be holding two exhibitions taking the form of digital art.

Upon entering Valletta, people can enjoy an exhibition illustrating the 12 zodiac animals in the form of digital art surrounding Pjazza Teatru Rjal. The CCC has also launched an online exhibition entitled Chinese Zodiac Crea­tivity Exhibition – Back to a Good Start in the Year of the Ox, which demonstrates the origin, evolution and meaning behind the Year of the Ox through innovative design.

To compliment these two exhibitions, the CCC has also designed an informative and intricate folder of personalized stamps related to the Year of the Ox. Every year, the China Cultural Centre in Malta brings the New Year Chinese Zodiac along with prestigious artists and performers to Malta to showcase China’s bright culture, exceptional talent and festive spirit.

The year 2021 was meant to be the year the CCC would invite the China National Opera to Malta; alas, due to the current delicate situation of the world, this was not possible. Nevertheless, the CCC, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC), is bringing Puccini’s final masterpiece, Turandot, performed by the China National Opera to everyone’s home. It is available to stream on the MCC’s official website.

In this tale set in mythical China, Princess Turandot will marry a man who can decipher three impossible riddles. Many have tried and many have failed; the price of failure is death by beheading. This extraordinary production, direct from Beijing, is a grand spectacle filled with dramatic plot twists, huge choruses and one memorable heart-breaking melody after another, starring the world-renowned soprano Yao Hong, tenor Li Shuang and conducted by the masterful Yuan Ding.

A Scene taken from Turanot performed by the China National Opera

Moreover, in an interesting collaboration between the CCC and Spazju Kreattiv, six Chinese films have been selected to form part of the Happy Chinese New Year – China Film Festival where the audience may choose to allow their senses experience riveting kung fu fights with Jet Li in Fist of Legend, or take in the sumptuous colours and deep emotions in the critically acclaimed Farewell my Concubine.

Happy Chinese New Year - China Film Festival at Spazzju Kreattiv

On February 25, an online get-together on Zoom will be set up for the public to join and participate in quizzes with many prizes to be won, and small performances of martial arts, song and dance.

The CCC Facebook page offers followers with plenty of cultural content and exhibitions, including a children’s art exhibition entitled Imagining China where over 150 children submitted artwork on the theme Magnificent China.

Imagining China Children's Art Exhibition Cristina Turcu, Class 10.5, Maria Regina College Mosta

We are thrilled to have to have all the activities for the upcoming Chinese New Year on our platform. The full schedule together with more information on bookings, dates and times, can be viewed here.