Chitzo - our new blog - here to help

Welcome to our new blog, we’re really excited to bring some of our great experiences to life through this. We aim to bring you stories about what we’re up to and some of the great stuff on the Chitzo platform. We wanted to start by sharing a little bit about us and the primary message is, we’re here to help.

Here to help people...

...find things to do!

Ever sat there and thought what shall we do today? Where shall we go this weekend? Most people have…

The fact is that you want different things at different times, you might want things to do for yourself, things to do as a family, or as a group friends and from time to time a cheeky date night could sneak into the equation also!

We want to provide the best platform that help you to find what you want, when you want, where you want. We want to empower you to be in control, on demand, as you want.

That’s why we’ve designed and built a really powerful search facility that allows you to stay in control, find more and do more.

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We want to help enhance your life by giving you the freedom of choice, at your fingertips at your convenience -we’re here all the time when you want us, for whatever you want to do!

So don't let Coronavirus restrictions stop you from living life, jump over to the site now by clicking the logo at the top and explore what we’ve got to offer, and don’t forget the search at the bottom to help you drill down if you want to 😊

Here to help businesses...

...promote everything they have going on!

Before coronavirus there was a real lack of dedicated support for businesses wanting to promote everything they have going on, and things have certainly got tougher for a lot of businesses - but, as much as we focus on helping people find things to do we want to provide the best and most powerful platform that is dedicated to promoting whatever you have going on at the most granular level, to an audience who are there to find things to do, we’d like to think that’s a match made in heaven! What’s more is it’s completely free!

We are focused on helping you however we can so as well as offering a free platform dedicated to promoting whatever you have going on we also look to promote you via our ever growing social channels, as well as the opportunity for us to come along and do promotional videos for your business. We really are committed to helping you, so if you’re not already listing your great things on chitzo, get in touch with us today on hello@chitzo.com

Social media for Social Good

We’re a new breed of social media site – one that’s designed for social good. We’d fall at the first hurdle if we weren’t focused on helping!

We were here to help before Covid, we’ve been here throughout and we’ll continue to try and help however we can – it’s great to have you along for the ride…

We hope you enjoyed our first article, stay tuned by signing up via the menu at the top!