Three Palaces Festival - Malta

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The Three Palaces Festival is a truly magnificent, multidisciplined, international event that intertwines masterpiece symphonies with a unique and vibrant environment. Think of our local traditions, heritage, and culture manifested by this emotion-triggering program, really bringing them to life. Get ready to be overwhelmed by the beauty and art of Malta. Watch online from the 6th to the 15th November as these events bring together history with the present!

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6th Nov: Transformations & Transitions

Watch history reinvent itself with a contemporary narrative in the multi-disciplinary fashion project Transformations & Translations. Let this performance take you back to the Greek period as it draws from the inspiration of Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting, wild nature, and chastity. Appreciate the themes of beautiful nineteenth-century architecture, powerfully-moving music, poetry, and expressive dance.

Transformations & Transitions

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7th Nov: Ora-Singers Re-Imagined

Transport yourself to the historical Victorian-Gothic cathedral in Vauxhall, London otherwise known as St. John’s Church. Watch the award-winning Ora singers from the comfort of your living room as they take you on a choral journey of Renaissance pieces with a contemporary twist!


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Minimalist Music

8th Nov: Joby Burgess

The great British percussionist Joby Burgess is presenting the performance called ‘Powerplant.’ This will be a collection of British artists and their music which will merge into a minimalist with hints of electronic music in an engaging video.

Joby Burgess

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9th Nov: The L’isle Adam Choir Books

Set in the cultural capital, this lecture hosted by Theresa Zammit Lupi in St. John’s Co-Cathedral and Museum that is imbued in Maltese legacy and culture. The lectures will take you on a historical journey whilst sharing knowledge on a national treasure that is the L’Isle Adam Illuminated Choral Books. From how they were manufactured to the materials used, this lecture is an insightful event that’ll have audiences thinking back to these times. 

L'isle Adam Choir Books

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10th Nov: Heiligenstadt...Another World Inside

Inspired by Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament, Another World Inside explores the theme of noise with a multitude of internal sound, blank silences, distant noise, and the breakdown of isolation as an interdisciplinary work. This evokes the creation of new “space” with the ghost of Grosse Fuge and you will be able to immerse yourself in this world.


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12th Nov: Out of the Cage

The pianist Tricia Dawn Williams and composer/video artist Ruben Zhara collaborate for a cycle of 7 creative and experimental videos. These were all produced during the COVID-19 pandemic (except “Pounding”). 

Out of the Cage

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13th November: The Forgotten Fragments of a Symphony of Horror

This next act is a prime example of an exciting new way to appreciate how music composition assists in rediscovering a silent movie masterpiece! This live documentary-style programme makes full use of video and sound technology, taking on an intimate one of one view of the process.

Symphony of Horror

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Classical Music

11th Nov: Chamber Music at the Palace

Day 6 will be dedicated to classical music, so if you still haven’t found the right fit for your night, get ready for an enchanting performance by Marcelling Aguis (violin), Nadia Debono (viola) and Michael Laus (piano). The trio will be performing Shostakovich and Bruch in collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Chamber music at the Palace

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14th Nov: Beethoven Coriolan Overture

Filmed at what was once the ‘Holy Infirmary’, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra presents the beautiful Coriolan Overture composition by the legend himself, Ludwig Van Beethoven. Let this symphony captivate as it tells the tragic tale of the banished Roman general Coriolanus after he is infuriated by an upcoming political election. 


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15th Nov: Giants of Jazz - Ronnie Scott’s All-Stars

Take a dive into the past 100 years of Jazz, starting in the early roots with The Original Dixieland Jazz band, following through the golden age of swing music with the classics such as Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Duke Ellington. So sit back, put your headphones on and relax for this final day of the Three Palaces Festival.

Ronnie Scotts

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