The ESN Sailing Class

28th February
12:15 - 14:45
Vikings Sailing Club
VGW3+RGC, Floriana, Malta
Have you also always dreamed of becoming a pirate or an adventurer of the seas? I mean, who hasn't, right? In that case, join us and the rest of the Erasmus Crew for a first introduction to the art of Sailing! 🎉 We’re going to meet at the Vikings Sailing Club in Valletta/Floriana at 12:15 pm. Don’t be late or you’ll miss crucial knowledge 😜 First, we will go over the basics of sailing before heading out on Laser 16 boats, giving everyone a taste of this amazing sport and a chance to try out sailing for themselves! 🌟 Afterwards, everyone who wants feels welcome to join us somewhere for a nice lunch 😄 ➡️ When? Saturday 28/02/2021, 12:15 pm until 14:45 pm ➡️ Where? At the Vikings Sailing Club in Floriana/Valletta ➡️ How much? 15€ per Person Sign Up by clicking the Book Now button above!
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