Harri Soinila live in Malta

21st April
20:00 - 23:45
The Hoppy Hare Pub
37 Constitution St, Mosta, Malta
Harri Soinila is a Finnish comedian with problems like having to talk to strangers for a living while Finnish. And now he’s bringing those problems to you, Europe! One of Finland’s most internationally successful comedians, Harri has headlined shows from Edinburgh to Casablanca and from Rio de Janeiro to Tallinn, and appeared at European comedy Festivals like Ljubljana’s PANČ, The Barcelona Comedy Festival, The Liverpool Comedy Festival, Helsinki’s Arctic Laughs and The East European Comedy Festival in London, among others. He’s been on Finnish TV and Maltese radio, and he represented Finland at Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World. He also warmed up for the Canadian mega star Russell Peters on his European tour in 2022. Unusually open for a Finn, Harri’s first full English language solo talks about being Finnish, drinking and especially the Finnish drinking. Every problem is an opportunity and this is how you turn a drinking problem into a drinking opportunity. There’s also some stuff about dogs and babies, and why dogs are better. His observational one-liners have been described as dark humor with a golden heart and sometimes the other way around. "His wit and observations are in a different class." - City.fi "You deserved ten points." - Michael Addis, Comedy Central "I'm Batman." - Batman
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